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Secured Pharmacy Delivery Solutions

We understand the importance of secure and reliable pharmaceutical delivery. 

At Waely Care we believe every package we deliver is a life!

Waely Care RX

Waely Care offers comprehensive pharmaceutical delivery solutions to support Pharmacies of all sizes. We provide transportation solutions for pharmacies of all types that are timely and cost-effective whiles maintaining a secure chain of custody procedures. Our services will ensure that your patients receive deliveries on time every time.

Who We Serve

Long Term Care


Specialty Pharmacy

Retail Pharmacy

Correctional Pharmacy


HIPAA Compliant


Pharmacy Dispatch

Cost-Optimized Rates


Fully Insured

The Ingredients to our Recipe for Error-free Pharmaceutical Delivery

24/7 Pharmacy Dispatch

We understand the importance of pharmaceuticals reaching patients around the clock. Our Pharmacy dispatch operates 24/7 and 365 days a year to ensure your pharmacy's needs are handled timely.

Secure Chain of Custody

We guarantee a secure chain of custody with every delivery. All couriers are equipped with scanning devices and obtain a digital signature at every delivery.

100% Visibility

We promise 100% visibility at every step of the delivery process. Pharmacist and the patient receive the real-time notification of the entire delivery, providing the peace of mind needed.

Dedicated Couriers

Our prospective couriers go through extensive background checks and motor vehicle report checks and agree to random drug screens as a criterion to work for Waely Care.

Route Optimization

Our system analyzes and prepares a fully optimized route ensuring the most cost-effective and shortest delivery route possible. With Waely Care RX, you will get the best rate for all deliveries.  

Advanced Courier Technology

We are passionate about making sure security, convenience and affordability are at your disposal by using the most advanced courier technology. 

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