Time is 

Delivering Excellent Patient Care...

We have a simple mission:


To serve the healthcare industry with professional courier & logistics services to further support their ability to provide excellent patient care.


Whether you're a medical laboratory, clinic, nursing home, pharmacy, hospital, medical supply company, or any other medical entity, we will use a solutions-based approach to develop a customized plan. 


Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

Who We Are 


Waely Care is a medical specialty courier & logistics provider serving the critical needs of the healthcare industry.  Our company specializes in healthcare logistics and aims to make superior patient care a priority. We're focused on fast, efficient, and quality solutions to equip us to serve your needs.


At Waely Care, we consider ourselves an essential member of your team and conduct ourselves accordingly. We use leading-edge technology to provide accurate and on-time shipments, organized warehousing, and customized inventory management solutions.