Logistics Solutions, that Drive Success in Healthcare

Expertise In A Sector Where it Matters Most

Our roots come from the medical supply industry, where accurate logistics can be a matter of life and death. We're proud to have a customer base of some of the nation's largest care providers. It takes a particular type of expertise to meet the demands of safe deliveries of medical specimens, equipment, pharmaceutical, and hospital supplies used to care for the medically fragile.  Our team of professional couriers, warehouse personnel, and logistics specialists has proven themselves for more than three decades.

Why We Stand Out


Trained Medical Couriers

HIPAA compliant

OSHA trained

DOT Compliant

Leading-edge technology

Customized Solutions

24/7 Customer Support

Experienced Account Managers

Our Philosophy

Our Solutions are designed to ensure that healthcare personnel doesn't have to worry about auxiliary needs such as courier routes and inventory management. Our goal is to facilitate all your logistics needs  and enhance your ability to provide excellent patient care. Every service we provide is critical, and we deliver critical speed on time always. With Waely Care, healthcare personnel can solely focus on what matters most: their core objectives,

" Excellent patient care."