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Medical Courier

Our medical trained couriers are experts in safe and timely transportation of biohazards, pieces of equipment, hospital supplies, and pharmaceuticals.  We provide customized logistics that meet your delivery needs while keeping costs affordable. No matter your schedule, we'll work with you so that your pickups and deliveries are on time, every time. 

Transparent Rates

HIPPA Compliant Couriers

OSHA Trained

Uniformed Couriers with ID

DOT Compliant

Automatic Billing 


Dedicated Account Managers

Online ordering & Tracking

Digital Signature Capture & Proof of delivery


Serving all your needs.. on-time, every-time


STAT -30minutes -1hr


STANDARD-2-3 hours

ECONOMY-4- 5 hour


Our couriers work with whatever program you have and will pick up and deliver items at your convenience. 


Same courier, same time, everyday! cost-effective for regular pickups and deliveries


Not sure if a specimen needs to be picked up? We'll check in daily and pick-up as needed 



Waely Care offers premium medical specimen transportation and has trusted, proven safe transport methods in ensuring the specimen's integrity is preserved. We use industry-trusted practices for transporting medical samples with temperature-controlled deliveries. 

Lab Experiment

Hospital and laboratory scheduled routing

Blood products


On-site specimen consolidation and ship

24/7 STAT, temperature controlled specimen pick-up & delivery

24/7 Dispatch

All-Weather Vehicles


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cost Saving

Customized Service

Friendly Young Doctor



We work with an array of healthcare facilities and are trusted for a diverse range of transportation services. Whether it's specimens, equipment, or pharmaceuticals, we offer safe transportation that works with your schedule and is always on time. 

Transfer & Delivery of medical equipment b/n multi-sites

Hospital & Lab Scheduled Routing & Transfers b/n multi-site systems

Medical Supply Delivery 

Medical logistics Inventory management

Hospital Material Management & Distribution

Medical Equipment Storage & Transfer between multiple-sites

​surgical kit delivery

Grabbing Pills


As a leader in transportation for the healthcare industry, we also handle essential pharmaceutical deliveries. Working with top companies in the nation, we've created a system that our clients trust to secure and timely deliveries. We enable our clients to better serve their patients through on-time, accurate deliveries that are cost-effective. 

Secure delivery of controlled drugs 

Scheduled or ad-hoc on-demand service

Hospital to patient home services

Pharmacy to home care delivery

Temperature-sensitive services for thermo-liable items

From pharmacy to customers' homes

From institutional pharmacy to Long-term care/nursing home and assisted-living care facility

From Wholesale pharmacy to retailer

Chain of Custody-Pickups

Operating Room


Transporting medical equipment is more than strapping the gear down and hitting the road. We understand that medical equipment is highly fragile and expensive and can't be damaged to operate correctly. 

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