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Benefits Of Using Medical Couriers

Updated: May 17, 2021

We could go on and on all day about the benefits of using medical couriers for your healthcare facility. After all, a professional medical courier will allow you to focus on your core objectives and streamline your logistics to enable you to provide excellent patient care. In this article, we're going to explain the benefits of using a medical courier service and give you five reasons why you need it!

You’ll Work With Trained Medical Couriers

When you work with a medical courier, you’re working with a trained professional. They understand that all healthcare industry deliveries are critical and use the proper procedures for making safe and timely deliveries. An experienced medical courier will maintain the integrity of specimens using temperature-controlled deliveries, ensure safe transportation of medical records, pharmaceuticals, other healthcare-related materials, and delicate medical equipment. Medical couriers will provide critical speed in transporting all medical items since they understand their role in delivering excellent patient care. They will also use optimized routing to save you time and make your deliveries cost-effective.

Compliant With HIPAA And OSHA Regulations

When it comes to HIPAA and OSHA regulations, a medical courier will ensure you are compliant during deliveries. Like those at Waely Care, the top medical couriers are HIPAA certified and follow strict procedures for securing patient information. We also comply with all OSHA regulations to ensure a safe working environment, which allows our couriers to provide exceptional service. They carry biohazard kits if any spills occur during transport and follow a strict chain of custody procedures using digital proof of deliveries.

You'll Save Money

To put it simply: using a medical courier service will save your facility much Money. Utilizing courier service companies is much more cost-effective than hiring your employees. You'll avoid costs and avoid using time associated with hiring, training, and onboarding new employees. Additionally, medical couriers will be trained and skilled in the proper procedures for the safe transportation of medical specimens, equipment, pharmaceuticals, and hospital materials. All you would have to do is plug in to access total turn-key courier solutions. A professional courier service will also lower transportation costs since they can optimize your deliveries and routes.

You Can Make Deliveries Faster

Everybody wants fast deliveries, but medical patients need critical deliveries most. Same-day couriers can make quick deliveries directly from your facility to another location, such as a patient's home. You won't have to send your package through a sorting center, which could take up precious time. Instead, you'll hand your parcel directly to the courier and real-time access updates on the delivery status with delivery within hours.

Eliminate Transportation Issues

When you hire a medical courier service, you won't have to deal with vehicle insurance, DOT compliance, repairs, fueling vehicles, acquiring cars, and other costs. Outsourcing your deliveries means that the courier service company will handle any issues related to transportation. From there, you can focus on providing excellent patient care while the couriers make your deliveries.

Customized, 24/7 Service

The top medical courier services, including Waely Care, offer fully customized medical logistics solutions and 24/7 customer support. We offer customized pickup and drop-off services that work with your schedule no matter what it is. Our team of professional couriers can also make on-demand deliveries so that even during your busiest days, you have top-notch transportation services.

Streamlined Logistics

The most significant benefit of using a medical courier is that your logistics will become streamlined. A professional medical courier service will optimize routes, ensuring you can provide excellent patient care while saving you valuable time and Money. You won't have to worry about whether deliveries or pickups will be on time or if your delivery made it to its final destination safely and in the proper condition. With Waely Care, we offer real-time tracking, live updates, 24/7 support, and open communication with our dispatch center. With a medical courier service, you'll know every detail about your delivery in real-time.

Using a medical courier service is the number one way to streamline your logistics and provide excellent patient care. You'll have on-time deliveries without the headache of having to perform and manage it all yourself.

For industry-leading medical courier services, visit our website or speak directly with an expert by calling 814 441 9069.

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